Why Choose Us

Trusting someone with your precious electronic appliances is as difficult as entrusting someone with your heart and feelings. Such is their worth. We, at Happy Services, completely appreciate your fondness for your everyday-maintenance buddies. Therefore, we provide you with excellent servicing and repairing solutions that assure a long life for your appliances.
We have highly skilled engineers who apply their technical expertise in dealing with the appliances using specialized tools. From installing a geyser perfectly to fixing non-cooling air-conditioners, we take care of it all. When you come to us with your electronic machines, we make sure to not let you down. Here are a few reasons why you should select us!

Professional Repairs

When you attempt repairs of an appliance all by yourself, it is bound to be broken again because you lack the technical know-how. This leads to an even worse condition of the electronic appliance than it was before. Hence, employ our specialized services that ensure quality and better upkeep of the machine.

Reasonable Pricing

Let’s face it, who would want to spend an equal amount of money on repairing or installing the appliance as he/ she did in purchasing it in the first place? It is completely impractical and heavy on the pocket. Take no worry because Happy Services has come to your rescue. We are a perfect combination of affordable pricing, finest servicing, and skilled technicians; a one-stop solution for all your needs.

Timely Servicing

We understand that no place can function normally with malfunctioning appliances. Nothing remains the same after an appliance breaks down and you require servicemen who can repair these machines urgently. So, we guarantee you that our appliance experts will arrive on time within a few days of your booking and get the job done fittingly the first time.


We have different appointment slots so that the servicing time can fit your schedule. You have to just sit back and relax as we undertake all work and labour. When we say we believe in consumer satisfaction, we mean it.