Refrigerator Service


A refrigerator is the most commonly used appliance which functions 24*7. In a tropical country like India, it is the hero of the pantry. Without it, fruits, vegetables, dairy products, spices, and other perishable items will rot and become inedible. But, do you know what will be the scariest part if it breaks down? You won’t get ice and cold water in the scorching summer. Without a refrigerator, you would not be able to manage your house or office well !

So, when such times appear, contact us for availing our excellent repairing services. We provide speedy service because we understand that a house cannot run properly without a fully-functional fridge. We have a dedicated team of technicians who go beyond and above to fix your treasured refrigerator. They are well-trained to repair any type of fridge, ranging from the voluminous side-by-side refrigerator to the mini portable ones. Our technicians tackle problems like warm freezer, water leaking on the floor, refrigerator not working at all, food not staying fresh due to over-freezing, and so on. No matter how acute the problem is or which brand it is, our specialists always find a way to address any issues you have with it. Afterall, we are here to take care of general maintenance, impaired parts and all kinds of overhauls concerning the fridge.

We replace components of the refrigerator only if it’s needed. Otherwise, we simply try to repair and restore the damaged parts. We assure you 100% authorized parts with a decent warranty period. Our professionals employ a customer-friendly approach and ensure quality servicing in every visit.

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