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About Us

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Too hot outside, switch on the A.C.; water is too cold to take a bath with, turn on the geyser; a pile of clothes lying and you have to wash them all by yourself, put them in the washing machine; cold drink does not taste nice at room temperature, put it in the fridge; want to cook something but afraid of the gas stove, make use of the microwave.

Hence, we can safely say that these appliances were created to lessen our workload, assist us in day-to-day activities, and provide comfort and convenience. But, what if they break down all of a sudden? It will simply result in a mountain of dirty clothes, a pool of water in and around the fridge, and other countless glitches.

Under these situations, don’t turn into an electrician yourself, we repeat, don’t pretend to be the doctor of the appliance; this will just make things messier. Take help from Happy Services, the most trusted appliance service and repairs solution.

We are a one-stop solution for your AMC (Annual Maintenance Charges) Service, repairing, and installation services requirements. We ensure that your appliance stays in shape for a long period of time through our top-notch technical servicing. We only deploy appliance professionals and experts to your doorsteps who ensure quality repairing and installation. Our technicians are well-trained to deal with any sort of appliance issue. They are also aware of the latest technological advancements in the electronic devices and thus, deal with the concern accordingly.

We have a dedicated team that guarantees a speedy response to your bookings. The booking service enables you to precisely describe the nature of the assistance you want to seek. When you choose Happy Services, we uphold your decision to get the daily-use appliances in your household or office running perfectly again in no time.